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Rent your unused computer power and make money - emwizard

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Rent your unused computer power and make money - emwizard

Post by emwizard on Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:11 am

I am founder of project

Generate money on your PC

Put your PC to work for you! And earn money.

Put your computer to work when it is idle with our money earing application. With us you will generate money for every computer you have. When your computer is idle we used your computing resources run mathematical calculations tasks for which you are paid. The more powerful computer you have more you earn.

You can earn
   60$ a month
   with Graphic card

10$ a month
   with processor

20% bonus for every new referred user: 1000$ a month

REFERRAL PROGRAM: http://emwizard.com/Referral_bonus

Home wepage: http://emwizard.com

Freeware application download: Earn Money Wizard for Windows.
This is new startup project launched in 2017.


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